Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kuchh zyzda hi...

Hadsat e zindagi par hamne dastan likh di,
Par bayan kar di hai tafseel kuchh zyzda hi,

Bhoole nahi hai ham, ay hamkhayal tumhe,
Par khayal me rahete ho tum kuchh zyada hi,

Bharosa hai tere wade pe janeman mujh ko,
Par raheta hai intezar tera  kuchh zyada hi,

Khwabon ki tabeer milegi, ummeed hai mujhe,
Par haqiqat ka bhi ahesas hai kuchh zyzada hi,

Zindagi ke safar me thake to nahi ay hamsafar,
Par manzeel bhi lag rahi hai door kuchh zyada hi.


  1. वाह! बेहद से भी बेहद खूबसूरत

  2. Heart-touching!

    "Everything is going on soothingly, but a bit too much!
    Missing, Hoping, waiting and imagining support life so much!!"

    Read three or four times (KUCHH ZYADA HI) trying to capture more messages that you have conveyed.
    But, Urdu is Urdu to me!
    Can't we have a translating device?

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