Sunday, November 27, 2011


Kyon aye tum zindagi me mere, jab sath mera na dena tha,
Kyon di hansi honthon pe mere, jab ankh me aansoo dena tha,

Kyon bane parchhai mere, jab sath mere na chalna tha,
Kyon bane tum alfaaz mere, jab ashaar mere na banna tha,

Kyon bane tum pankh mere, jab parwaz me sath na dena tha,
Kyon bane tum sansen meri, jab  dil me mere na basna tha,

Kyon bane tum patwaar mere, jab majhdar me sath na dena tha,
Kyon pana chaha maine tumhe, jab tumhe mere na hona tha


  1. nice poem ! I remember few lines in the same context :)

    Yoon hum ko sataane ki zaroorat kya thi,
    Dil mera jalaane ki zaroorat kya thi,

    Jo nahi tha ishq toh keh diya hota,
    Dil toor ke jaane ki zaroorat kya thi.


    Maan lo gar yeh ek tarfa mohabbat thi,
    Mujh ko dekh kar muskuraane ki raroorat kya thi.


    keep writing Shahin, we're waiting for more ! :)

  2. @Kitty,
    many thanks for lovely lines & your comment !!!

  3. waaahhhha waahhhaa



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  6. Wow, Shahin! So touching, So lovely!!
    Anmol hai jee!
    Now let me try to answer your WHYs this way. Just trying directly, forgive me if any mistake:


    Woh aaye tumhaare jindagi me,
    Kyonki jindagi jinaa tumhe sikhaanaa tha!

    Tohafaa aansu ka tumhaare aankho me,
    Kyonki hontho pe muskan ke saath anmol dikhaanaa tha!

    Banaa parchhai woh tumhaare,
    Kyonki unhe tumhi me samaanaa tha


    Paanaa chaahaa tum unhe
    Kyonki wah tumhe ajij lagne lagaa tha

    Ban na sakaa wah tumhare
    Kyonki wah tumhe hamesaa yaad aanatha!

  7. @suresh
    Wah, what a lyrical answer to my poem...many thanks for such an explanation...

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  9. Very nice ghazal....aisa lagta hai jaise zamane bhar ka dard apne andar sametkar ye ghazal likhi gayi ho...!!!!

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  11. I just love poems!!! Would love to connect to you so I've followed you. Hope you like my poems too :)

    1. many thanks Chhavi for your visit & liking my poems...

  12. Dear blogger friend,
    I am writing after a long silence because of being too busy.
    I have been much impressed by your poem KYON, and am composing a RESPONSE POEM for a poem collection but I am confused at some words in the poem. Please make the following words clear to me as soon as possible:
    'ashaar' & 'parwaz'

    1. hi suresh
      nice to see yr message
      asaar is pluralof sher means couplet

      parwaz is a flight of bird

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