Tuesday, August 31, 2010

To chalo...

Aasan nahi hai safar, jo chal sako to chalo:
Mushkil hogi rahen, jo chal sako to chalo,

Mushkil rahon me shayad, bichhad bhi jaye ham
Sath chalne ke bad akele rahe sako to chalo,

Sath chalte chalte, thaher bhi jaye ham:
Ruk ruk ke chalne ka, dam ho to chalo,

Rukte huve shayad, kahin kho bhi jaye ham:
Bichhad ke ham se, jeene ka housla ho to chalo:

Bichhad ke tum se yakinan,jee na sakenge ham:
Bina hamre, rahene ka dam ho to chalo.


  1. wow!!!!very good aunty..now me to agree with vijay uncle that u should involve yourself in writting.....very nice.dont know what do i say in written but i strongly recommend u to write your ideas and thinking.....

  2. 'Muskil Hongi raahein/ Akele chal sako to chalo / Bina hamare rehne ka dam ho to chalo' these are a few sentiments that touched me somewhere deep within. I've read a lot of Nazms and Gazals and I find some intrinsic art stretched there. Sometimes you feel dumb for loss of words and for showing your expressions. That's the way I find it now. I wonder what restrained you from writing earlier. This post has etched a distinctive place for you. Best wishes.

  3. good one....

    "jivan mela hai, bahut log judte rahenge
    bheed mein bhi tanha humsafar ban sako to chalo"

  4. thanks for all the encouraging comments in my logbook...your poems are quite expressive and touching...keep posting..

  5. So touching it is!

    "Nami aankho me chubhati hai,
    Muskan hontho ko lubhati hai.

    Jeendagi hai ye ek safar akele hi jeene ke liye;
    khair, milte rahenge hum ek din bichhadane ke liye."